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Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

TRUST has a team who is specialized in  the design and implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems, CAD services and documents scanning and indexing. Rendered services include Requirements specification and design, system selection analysis and specification, system’s implementation planning, project management consultancy (PMC),  TRUST has implemented several Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) projects based on different technologies such as:

EDMS projects in general are part of the enterprise contents management (ECM) solutions. Depending on clients requirements ECM solution can be either a twofold split solution where one part covers projects and engineering documentations and CAD drawings control and management and the other part is the business related document control and management system. The other type of ECM solution is a unified integrated document control and management solution covering projects and engineering documents and CAD drawing and business related documents. Depending on the client environment, size of operation, documents volume and budget, TRUST can help clients decide which option to adopt and what is the best fit technology for the option of choice. Adopting the wrong option or wrong technology can be very costly and most cases leads to failure. We have implemented scanning jobs along with CAD solutions that involved hundreds of thousands of pages of all kinds. We have also integrated above systems with other IT and Automation systems.