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TruAnalyzerTruAnalyzer is a analyzer validation software that is used to monitor, manage and validate on-line analyzers systems readings, using advanced SQC techniques, combined with regression models and artificial intelligence rules-based engines. TruAnalyzer captures on-line analyzers data, LIMS data, relevant process data, maintenance history and other plant events, all used as inputs to its SQC and Artificial intelligence engine, where several complex calculations are taking place, so can determine and advise, if respective analyzers readings are reliable. The results are presented to the users, in a simple language, saving them unnecessary maintenance/recalibration works, beside saving in Laboratory tests and checks.


  • Enhance performance and reliability of those systems that depend on online analyzers,readings e.g. APC, complex control loops, ESD system using signals from analyzers.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Reduce Laboratory cost.
  • Improve the availability of online analyzers.
  • Above translates into huge savings, enhanced safety and satisfied users.



  • Automate the design, configuration, management, data collection and validation of online analyzer systems.
  • Collects relevant LIMS data with on-line analyzers readings, resolve and adjust time stamp discrepancies using suitable techniques.
  • Collect relevant process data that relate to respective online analyzer readings.
  • Retrieve and collect respective maintenance history of online analyzers, such as calibration history, due calibrations, reliability & availability figures.
  • Collect respective system and/or plant events e.g. shutdown, analyzers failure signals, etc…
  • Calculate confidence level of the on-line analyzers readings, within the selected time window, using suitable SQC techniques.
  • Calculate the correlation coefficient of on-line analyzers readings, for that period, with respective LIMS readings, using suitable regression techniques.
  • Determine the actual direction of change in the analyzer reading w.r.t selected process measurements and compare these with preconfigured directions, in TruAnalyzer.
  • Verify the history of actual calibration and maintenance done during the respective validation time window.
  • Uses intelligent rules-based engine, to analyze above results and conclude on the analyzers performance for that period.
  • Report and advise users of the results.
  • Provide statistics and reports on selected analyzers by plant, area, unit type or time.
  • Uses respective plants data, referential and design data, that are available at TruPlant.
  • Uses dynamic plant data coming from RTDB, data loggers and DCS systems.
  • Can use respective data coming from ERP and CMMS systems e.g. analyzers maintenance data, analyzers availability calculations.