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TruMonitorTruMonitor is a comprehensive performance management software tool that enables the user, through advanced Balanced Score Card concepts and target-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to monitor, control and manage a wide range of industrial and business resources and/or operations. It also provides comparison with target performance-limits and benchmarks of those resources/assets, with focus on business performance as well as all aspects of business processes, operations and functions, whether the business is purely commercial or purely manufacturing or a combination of both. TruMonitor is designed in line with best practices and standards in this field.



  • Structured and objective approach to monitor and manage the targeted units of the business.
  • Enhance integration, consistency and management of company-wide performance.
  • Link plant performance to enterprise objectives, mission and targets.
  • Ensure balanced performance at all levels.
  • Support decision making and response to market and business challenges.
  • Faster implementation, through the pre-configured KPis, by industry type.
  • Enhance reporting accuracy and completeness.
  • Enhance tracking and problem resolution.
  • Single window and platform for performance management at all levels.
  • Faster implementation of PM systems using KPI libraries by industry type
  • Automate the entire work flow of performance management and keep users abreast of what is going on in the domain of their responsibilities.
  • Allows authorized personnel, according to the roles and responsibilities, to create, execute and follow up respective Performances indicators, during a specified period of time, in different areas of the organization.
  • To track the performance of any business unit with respect to set targets.
  • Work as a watch dog to provide alerts, alarms and escalation, in case of deviation, depending on the severity of the deviation through powerful alert engine.
  • Easy and simple tool for defining strategies, perspectives, objectives, KPIs and related initiatives.
  • Provide a large library of KPIs, for users to choose from or create a new KPI on the fly.
  • Provide support to any kind of business in addition to manufacturing.
  • Advanced techniques, for acquiring the data from any application in the business, specially the plants real time operating parameters.
  • One window for global monitoring throughout the organization.
  • Provides configurable dashboard reporting of key KPIs, by group, department, plant, function, asset etc…